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Health and Wellness
About Us

This is a small community centered around health-related issues. At the simplest level, most of us here are interested in taking better care of ourselves. Many of us are struggling with challenges, including but not limited to:

- chronic pain or illness, sometimes pain or illness that has gone undiagnosed or has been improperly diagnosed
- mental health
- the relationship between mental and physical health
- eating and drinking habits
- sleep disorders
- exercise routines (or the lack of an exercise routine)
- stress and its physical manifestations

Posting Guidelines

This community will intentionally be kept small, so new members must be approved by one of the moderators in order to join.

Please mark all entries in this community as "friends only." Even if you might feel comfortable making an entry public, public entries could inhibit the exchange of ideas and experiences that we hope will take place in comments.

If you have any questions, please contact majorweather or dyskodyke, moderators.